Our services

Live music for your events

If you are planning an event that requires live music, the Trinidad and Tobago Music Festival Association stands ready to help you put together an event that features some of Trinidad and Tobago’s most promising talent and putting together a quality event. We realise that our up-and-coming artistes need opportunities to perform and we work as a meeting place for people looking for live, acoustic performances at their events, be they corporate and private. We are eager to assist in fundraisers and charity events.

Music Competitions and festivals

If you need assistance hosting your own music festival that is recognised for its objectivity, transparency and gravitas, you can depend upon the expertise of the Trinidad and Tobago Music Festival Association. From sourcing adjudicators, deciding upon a syllabus and the general organisation of the event, we stand ready to support. We’ve been doing this for more than 70 years and know the ups and downs, the ins and outs.

Music Workshops and Seminars

The next generation of trained musicians faces a slew of real challenges, one of the most important being knowing how to navigate a musical career in a world were finely honed creative talent is increasingly marginalised. Parents often do not know how to give their musically gifted children the best chance for a successful life in music. Students, composers, music educators and performers often need sound career guidance. The Trinidad and Tobago Music Festival Association can help you create and curate symposiums, seminars and workshops of quality on demand. We rely upon our network of past adjudicators, volunteers, chairpersons, various other contacts and our own experience to help you put on meaningful events of quality. We can create intense, instrument-specific workshops with the best of local and foreign talent. Contact us for details.

Starting your own music education programme

Music education and musical excellence are at the core of all we do. If you want to establish a music programme for your school, workplace, home-schooled youngsters, hospital, kindergarten or geriatric home, look no further than the Trinidad and Tobago Music Festival Association as your partner. Music education for one and all is what we are passionate above.