As a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Music Festival Association, you will have access to discounts at events put on by the Association and its partner institutions.  However, as a member, you are required to:

  • Provide input and ideas on the direction of the Biennial Music Festival, the Association and the musical arts in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Participate in the nomination and election of officers for key management and representative positions in the North, South and Tobago Committees
  • Participate in meetings, especially the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Festival Association.

Becoming a Member

To become a member you have to complete and submit your membership form and pay annual memberships dues. Your membership is not complete until payment is made. Payment instructions are provided on the membership application form. Annual membership fees are currently set at $50 for student, $100 for ordinary members of the public and $300  institutional members. The definitions of each type of member is provided in our constitution

Nominating an officer

To nominate someone to one of the available positions on the Central Committee of the Trinidad and Tobago Music Festival Association, both you and the person must be a member of the Association. The positions available for election are:  Chairman, Vice Chairman, SecretaryAssistant Secretary   Treasurer, Business Officer, Marketing and Communications Officer and 3 ordinary members, each representing one of the three regions, North, South and Tobago. These positions are voluntary and none attracts remuneration. Members may nominate officers to any post. However, only the members for a particular region can nominate a representative for that region. The role and responsibilities of each post is provided at Article 8 of the Constitution: Duties of Officers. Nominations are taken within the month prior to the AGM at which there is to be election of officers. Suitable candidates may be nominated using the form available here. Online nominations for each year’s election are customarily no later during the month of September prior to the next annual general meeting.

Annual General Meeting

The next AGM of the Trinidad and Tobago Music Festival Association is carded for September, 2022.