Wendy Jeremie

Mrs. Wendy Jeremie is a clinical psychologist, graduate of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Mt. Hope, and a tutor at Open Campus, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.  She is also a former lecturer at the Catholic Religious Education Development Institute (CREDI); Immediate Past President of the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Psychologists and is a certified Mediator.  Passionate about music since her earliest years, Mrs. Jeremie participated in the Music Festival and won in the categories of pianist, recorder player, singer and chorister at her alma mater, St. Joseph’s Convent, Port of Spain, all the while accompanying folk groups on the guitar.  Mrs. Jeremie has been a member of the Marionettes Chorale for over fifty years and today, she is a Committee Member of this long-standing Chorale. She has been a member of the North Committee and Vice Chairman of the North and Central Committees of the Trinidad and Tobago Music Festival Association.  All the experience she garnered over the years has contributed to her growth and development and this will certainly augur well for her, as she ascends the ladder in her role as Chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago Music Festival Association.


Maureen Clement

Ms Clement has been a long-standing member of the Trinidad and Tobago Music Festival Association (TTMF). She is versed in operations management and systems development. She was the chief architect of the TTMF 2022 digital registration as well as the digital offerings of the Festival. Maureen Clement has worked for over 40 years as a music educator in the media of Steelpan, piano, recorder and voice. She is the founder and Musical Director of The Entertainers Music Group and Trinity Singers. She is an award-winning steelpan soloist and a champion of the Composer Class of the National Music Festival. She has adjudicated for Junior Panorama Festivals and other competitions held locally and abroad. Ms. Clement holds an LTCL in composition, an AA in Performing: Piano and a BA in Music Education both from COSTAATT. She also practiced in the field of science for over 35 years and is the only Chartered Science Teacher in the Western Hemisphere and holds a B.Sc in Zoology/Botany, a Dip. Ed in Science Education and a M.Ed in Curriculum Studies. Ms. Clement facilitates the Prisoner’s Journey Programme in all the prisons in Trinidad and Tobago and in 7 other countries in the Caribbean. Her personal motto is “It is learned for the benefit of all.”


Delia Chatoor

Ms. Chatoor retired from the Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs in 2014 in the post of Acting Deputy Permament Secretary. Delia is a Volunteer and Life Member with the Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross for the past 25 years, a Lay Minister with the Roman Catholic Church and a volunteer with the Trinidad and Tobago Music Festival (South) from 2018.She has assisted at the 2018 and 2020 Events in San Fernando in the ticket booth, registering and organising participants and supported ushers during the various segments. Delia has also donated two trophies to the South region of the Trinidad and Tobago Music Festival.

Assistant sECRETARY/Treasurer

Ian Wendell Moreau

Mr. Moreau is an Accountant by profession. He brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience having performed as accountant and treasurer for various on other committees, including work experience at Caribbean Airlines, Repsol E&P, The University of the West Indies, the National Gas Company Ltd (NGC), Trinidad Aggregate and the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago. He currently is the elected Treasurer for the northern committee of the Festival Association. Ian has a particularly keen interested assist persons’ general understanding of accounting as is in evidence from his time serving as an accouning tutor at the Open Campus. Mr Moreau obtained his Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) accreditation in 2008. Apart from his professional experience and qualification in accounting, Ian is also a classical guitarist and calypsonian who successfully competed in the recent Music Festival in the classical guitar category.


Kenrick J. Noel

Mr. Kenrick J. Noel is a passionate workaholic who strives to lift the standards of the organisations to which he is attached. His academic qualifications include a BA in Music (cum laude) from Florida Memorial College, a Graduate Assistantship from Northern Illinois University, a postgraduate Diploma in Education (Visual and Performing Arts) from the University of the West Indies and a Professional Certificate in Event Management from the George Washington University. Kenrick is presently pursuing his Master of Carnival Studies with the University of Trinidad and Tobago. “Sir Noel” has served as the Acting Secretary/Treasurer of the Trinidad and Tobago Music Festival Association, Public Relations Officer of the Tobago Music Association, Manager of the NGC Steel Xpolsion Steel Orchestra, Supervisory Chairman of the Peoples Credit Union, Supervisory Secretary of the Tobago United Cooperative Society Ltd., District Music Coordinator of the Multicultural Music Programme Unit within the Ministry of Education and an International Cultural Adjudicator (Pan Trinbago Inc., POSCC Downtown Carnival Committee, TUCO (Tobago), Festival Commission – THA) whilst maintaining a career as a Music Teacher and Examiner for over twenty years.


Kory Mendez

Mr. Mendez is the co-founder and producer at MW Productions, a recently constituted performing arts production company. He has the knowledge and experience in business for producing a Music Festival whether it is online or face to face. This experience he gained being the Secretary to the Board and being a member of the Lydian Singers for many years. and as well, being the co-founder and producer at MW Productions. Mr. Mendez is a former music festival champion. He also possesses a B.Sc in Psychology, has an Artistic Diploma in Music Performance, and has a Postgraduate Diploma in Mediation. All the qualifications Mr. Mendez possesses will come in handy and can be used successfully in the role for which he is nominated – that of Business Officer.

marketing & communications officer

Rayphyel Sookoonsingh

Rayphyel Sookoonsingh is a methodical, thorough and empathetic administrator who is committed to the longevity and growth of the TTMFA and its Biennial Music Festivals. A former Music Festival champion, Rayphyel commands years of eclectic experience across the fields of Business Management, Communications, Hospitality, Events Management, Information Technology, and Social Media Management. He is a proud member of The Southernaires Choir, serving on its management committee for over a decade.

Rayphyel has supported the Festival from behind the scenes for a number of years; gaining an intimate knowledge of its inner workings. He held notable administrative roles for key events, which include: Music Festival 2020 (South), 2021 Music Festival (South) Awards, and Music Festival 2022. He has also worked on various literature for the TTMFA, including its Constitution, social media posts, and the 2020 and 2022 Syllabi.

representative for south

Rowena Wattley

Rowena has served the TTMFA South Region as Secretary and then Chairman, since 2003. Many years before that she was an active participant in the TTMFA Music Festival competition, competing in the Piano Solo, Piano Duet and Chamber Music Ensemble categories and as a piano accompanist.  Her education includes MA (Ed Psych), Dip ABRSM, Dip. Ed (UWI), BSc (UWI). Is a tennis player and a community volunteer. Rowena is a retired Vice Principal Secondary, whose teaching subjects were mathematics, chemistry and general science. Her keen interest in music and extracurricular activities propelled her to fill a gap in the school curriculum by teaching music at the lower secondary school level for several years and to be the school choir accompanist for occasions. She believes in the growth and perpetuation of ‘The Festival’ since it is the most longstanding prestigious music competition in Trinidad and Tobago eliciting high standards of performance of music in several genres of music. She is devoted to support the TTMFA as it expands its mandate to spread music throughout country and to encourage music performance in all areas of our twin island state.

representative for north


representative for tobago